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Mobile VPN

Mobile VPNs are next generation VPNs designed specifically to meet the needs of mobile workers who want to get connected no matter where they are and what wireless technology is available. Mobile VPNs address the inherent security risks associated with wireless networks in addition to dealing with the concept of mobility in remote access.

SONaccess Mobile VPN
Green Packet’s SONaccess? Mobile VPN solution combines the security offered by legacy
VPNs with the flexibility that mobility brings. The concept of mobility does not only apply to
personnel out in the field (e.g. sales force and field engineers) only but also to employees in
the office who do not have a fixed workplace and are constantly moving between
conference rooms, cafeterias and hallways.


Key features of SONaccess? Mobile VPN include:

• Seamless roaming between different networks (Wi-Fi, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, PHS,
• Maintains user’s secure session while switching between networks
• Utilizes military grade IPsec-based encryption (128-bit AES and 3DES) to ensure data



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