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Our core expertise is based on our knowledge in mobile network engineering.  Our key personals have been working with the mobile technologies since the evolution of the 1st generation mobile technology (NMT), the 2nd generation mobile technologies (GSM, GPRS, and CDMA1x), and now with the 3rd generation mobile technologies including WCDMA and CDMA-EVDO and CDMA-EVDV.

The design of quality cellular networks starts from conducting theoretical analysis and system design based on coverage and capacity requirements. The detailed analysis of technical parameters leads to the development of good frequency planning or power planning and other operational parameters plans. Network optimization then takes place to ensure that the system has been properly implemented and performance is brought to its best. RF optimization process is intended to improve performance through the identification of system trouble areas and optimization of network performance through combination of network parameter tuning, antenna modifications, operational parameter adjustments, site and channel additions and other engineering solutions.

We offer completed portfolios of mobile network engineering solutions including turnkey solutions. Our service portfolio can be grouped into 3 categories:
• Radio network planning and design
• Radio network optimization
• In-Building system solution
• Repeater system solution
• Mobile network operation supporting service

We have good track records in designing, deploying and optimizing especially the large and complex mobile network (in the scale of several thousands of cells) for leading operators in Thailand and in the regions.  Our experiences in working with different equipment suppliers are second to none.  More importantly our attitude and dedication has to help our clients to meet their technical and business goal has been our company’s core value.

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