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RF Network Optimization

The mobile communication industry is becoming more and more competitive globally.  Operators are competing fiercely to gain their market share by acquiring new subscribers as well as maintaining their own subscriber base.  Operators are not only competing in commercial benefits by offering attractive tariff plan but also in superior quality of its services.  While the tariff rate is decreasing rapidly due to high competition, mobile operator needs to put its specific focus on maximizing its network infrastructure investment through network optimization activities.  Network optimization not only helps increasing operator’s network capacity but also improving network performance and service quality.  These quality improvements will also decrease operator’s operational expenditure, increase revenue and improve end user satisfaction.

Given the today increasingly competitive mobile market operators are facing several key business challenges.  As the number of subscribers increases, the size of mobile network keeps on growing, so does the complexity.  Operator needs to optimize their network performance to ensure the quality of service to satisfy their existing customers, reduce churn, attract more new customers, and most importantly get the most out of their network investment.

To be successful, operator needs to maximize trade off between coverage and capacity throughout the life of the network by addressing all the factors that can affect network performance.  In mobile network, one of the most crucial network elements is the radio network.  The radio network serves as the last mile where the end user uses the access all services in the mobile network.  The quality of the radio network is therefore crucial as end users will quickly experience it if the quality of service becomes below their expectation.

Generally mobile network optimization is part of the mobile network operation. The operation of mobile networks is a complex task with the networks serving a large amount of subscribers with both voice and data services, containing extensive sets of elements, generating extensive amounts of measurement data and being controlled by a large amount of parameters.

Mobicrat’s RF optimization service enables operator to determine that the best configuration of radio network.  We analyze and identify factors that impact the radio network performance and then recommend and implement optimization solution to ensure that the network performance continues performing at its peak.  Through our service, operator can gain by:

• Maximizing the radio network configuration enabling operator to improve their network coverage and capacity,
• Reducing network deployment cost,
• Reducing time to revenue,
• Improving the performance of the existing network,
• Increasing customer satisfaction,
• Reducing churn,
• etc.

Radio Network optimization is the process of improving the network performance by adjusting radio network parameters which can be done physically or through changing of network configuration parameters.  The optimization process is the balancing act between network service quality and capacity while taking into account the rapid changing of radio environment and user behaviors.  The radio network is generally to be crucial part of the mobile network elements.  Poor quality network can have direct impact on users can be able access the network service.  As the surrounding environment of the mobile network keeps on changing all the time, the radio network optimization activities are needed since the first day the site becomes on service.  Operator needs to continue monitoring the change network performance, identity area of service problem if arise, and implement the solution in the timely manner.

Mobicrat offers completed portfolio of radio network optimization solution to assist operators to ensure their radio network service quality can be kept met with their customers’ and business requirements at all time.  Our experience shows each network is unique.  At the different stages of the network development, the areas of focus for network performance management are also different.  Our service portfolio can be therefore tailored made to fit to different needs of operator at different stage of business requirements.

In general, the radio network optimization activities include the followings tasks or services.

• Initial radio network tuning
• Drive test data collection service
• Drive test analysis and optimization service
• Radio network performance statistic monitoring and data collection service
• Radio network performance statistic analysis and optimization service
• Radio network coverage optimization service
• Radio network interference analysis service

Our experience in radio network optimization is very extensive.  For more than 10 years, our key personals have been involving in radio network optimization activities since the 1st generation mobile network technology.  Our service can be tailored from a very small scaled network to a very largely complex network of several thousands sites.   The scope of the project can be planned according to the different stage of network development from the initial launching of the sites to expansion stage to operational stage maximizing the best return from the infrastructure operator has invested.

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