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RF Network Planning and Design

Mobile service business has always been extremely dynamic as subscribers are not only growing quickly in number but also movable.  As the business is growing, the mobile service business becomes very competitive today.  Mobile users are expecting higher and higher service quality all the times.   It is very crucial for mobile operator to keep meeting the demanding and keep on changing of business and users’ service requirement by expanding the network infrastructure properly.

Investing a mobile network infrastructure is highly capital intensive.  In general, the BSS system is considered to be the most expensive part of the mobile network.  Well planned Radio Network can gives operator not only good quality mobile network service but also saves operator large amount of investment.  The aim of the radio network planning and design service is to plan and design the radio network in accordance to subscriber growth and network performance criteria while balancing with the investment budget.

Radio network design activities start from the activities of subscriber requirement analysis and translate the business and users’ requirement into the technical design criteria and objectives.    Based on such design criteria, the radio network shall be properly planned and dimensioned to meet both service coverage and capacity requirements while in line with the operator’s investment budget.

Mobicrat offers a completed radio network planning and design service met with all steps and requirements needed by mobile operators.  Our service generally covers 2 main groups:

General Radio Network Planning and Design.  This includes the following activities.

• Radio Propagation Model Tuning and Validation
• Network Quality Analysis
• Coverage and capacity expansion analysis
• Traffic Analysis and Growth Projection
• Network Requirement Analysis and design criteria establishment
• Radio Network Coverage Planning
• Radio Network Dimensioning and Configuration
• Preparing Nominal Cell Plan

Detailed Radio Network Planning and Design.  Radio network planning and design activities are crucial part the network roll out and implementation process.  Activities generally includes

• RF Site Survey
• Identifying antenna positions and RF equipment locations
• Site Evaluation and Configuration Recommendations
• Frequency Allocation Strategy & Frequency Planning (for GSM only)
• PN Sequence Planning (for CDMA only)
• Scrambling Code Planning (for WCDMA only)
• Neighboring Cell Relation Analysis and Planning
• Cell Design Parameter (CDD) preparation

RF Network Optimization >> In-Building System Design and Optimization

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