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Wirless LAN

Wireless LAN technology continues to grow rapidly and system is being deployed in a much larger scale nowadays. WLAN provides user with network access mobility through various type of client adapters. As popularity for WLAN users increases, additional standards will be developed to address the wireless security concern and other short comings. Wireless vendors will continue to adopt the latest technology to help secure the wireless space and drive the cost of wireless implementation and ownership down.

Mobicrat keeps our eyes opened and always aware of this constant change. Mobicrat offers a full service on the Wireless LAN deployment. Mobicrat’s solutions enable service providers to offer reliable wireless Internet access in hot spots locations and other larger scale In-Building WLAN systems. Our services include:

• Coverage Walk Test and Site Survey
• Access Point locations and system design
• System Installation
• Channel Planning, system performance verification and system fine tune
• WLAN access control and security consultancy



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